The trouble with fries… 29. August 2015

 Omelette with some radishes and marinated pumpkin

 A bacon burger and fries @ BURKS.
This was really good. However their fries policy is a bit weird… every burger comes with some fries, as it’s already calculated into the price, but if you want different fries (we wanted fries with jalapeno dip for instance), they can’t substitute them for the fries that come with the burger. The problem is that getting the fry n’ burger set and ordering another set of fries to go with that would be a portion of fries too many, because the burger is pretty damn big. Now I wouldn’t have minded paying an extra euro or two for the jalapeno fries with my burger instead of the regular ones, but the girl behind the counter told us that she had no way of doing that. Meh :/
Still good burgers tho. They just should re-examine their French fry policy xD

Tea and some mochi. The tea set we got from a second hand store 😀 So pretty!

2 thoughts on “The trouble with fries… 29. August 2015

  1. bikabuka says:

    See kõlab kui keegi ei teadnud mida teha kui midagi sellist küsitakse. Ning miks siis pakkuda erinevaid kartulaid kui burgeri kõrvale ikka saad stamp tavalise ja selle teise veel extra. Mulle rohkem tundub et nad polnud kohanud klienti kes seda küsib nõnna ja siis lihtsalt öeldi kliendile ei. Kuigi jah ta oleks pidanud ju tegema nii et ok ma vaatan mis teha saan.


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