[recipe.] Kokamikaze Cocktail

It was a while ago when my mom gave me a bottle of Curaçao Blue, because she couldn’t drink it due to her allergies. The liqueur bottle sat in my cupboard for over a year as I didn’t really know what to do with it… so when we moved and invited some friends over for a housewarming party, I decided to finally find a use for that bottle of blue booze.

I found online a recipe for a cocktail called Kamikaze (1 part vodka, 1 part triple sec, 1 part lime juice) and tested it out the night before of the party so I wouldn’t serve something completely undrinkable to my guests. Now I don’t really have any cocktail mixing skills or equipment, but the drink turned out tasting pretty great. However, it felt like a shot not a cocktail to enjoy for a while as its amount was tiny and it was super strong. Thus I decided to weaken it with some tonic water and voila- Kokamikaze was born!

Forgive me for butchering the Japanese language, but it felt fitting in my tipsy brain to add the prefix KO (expresses that something is small) to the cocktail name as it was a diluted, weaker version of the actual Kamikaze cocktail.



  • 30ml vodka of your choice (I used Belcohka vodka this time) 
  • 30ml Curaçao Blue
  • Juice from half a medium sized lime
  • 4-5 cubes of ice
  • Tonic water

How to:

I picked a 250ml glass for the cocktail. First add in the vodka, the Curaçao Blue and lime juice, then stir it all together. Add in the ice cubes and fill the glass up with tonic water. Decorate the glass with a slice of lime and/or any cocktail decoration of your choice 😀

Oh! And prepare yourself for blue lips and tongue 😉 If you’d rather not experience that, I am sure you can exchange the Curaçao Blue for a colourless triple sec 🙂 It just won’t be looking as fun then.


This may seem silly to have me post a cocktail recipe that is far from original and is, let’s face it, very amateurishly made, but it’s the first time I tried making an actual cocktail and since I ended up improvising with it, I just wanted to share my glee of succeeding to make a delicious cocktail at home.

Hope you will enjoy!

Thank you, my friends, for coming to our housewarming party and thank you for all the delicious and otherwise sweet gifts 🙂

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