Moody and ill… 26. September 2015

 Ham and eggs baguette and coffee

 A raspberry milkshake I shared with my boyfriend @ Õlle 17

 Snack platter: pickled onion, squid and onion rings, chicken wings, cheese, marinated cucumber, garlic bread and crab. The crab and the squid rings were heavenly!

 Steak with fries, shrimp sauce and salad

The food was mostly pretty good, but we didn’t get very lucky with the service at Õlle 17 unfortunatelly. The lady serving us, forgot a few things we had ordered so we had to remind her. She brought to the table an extra dish that no one had ordered, but since one of our company decided to eat it, we didn’t make a fuss about it. Then the lady brought Liia a wrong dish completely and she asked her order to be corrected. In the end when we asked the bill, the price for the snack platter was twice the price marked in the menu and we were also charged for the dish we didn’t order (well we ate it, so that’s no big deal) and both for the wrongly delivered dish AND the replacement dish for the wrong order. Unfortunatley none of us thought to check the bill back at the pub, so we just paid and left. We only discovered all of it when we were looking at the bill later to see how much did we owe the person who paid the entire thing. Oh well.

 Sea buckthorn liqueour

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