Missing onigiri… 8. October 2015

 The Primal Pantry: Brazil Nut & Cherry Raw Paleo Bar and a cup of coffee. I think I really dig these paleo bars.

 Biggest mistake ever made: so I got this hot dog from Statoil. It was cheap and not good at all. I hadn’t planned on going out that day and was just about to have lunch at home when Maarja called and invited me to some Korean culture event at school. I have this thing that I get really nauseous when I go on a bus/car etc on an empty stomach, so I needed to grab a quick bite. Sadly we don’t get much variety when it comes to “grab to go” foods in Estonia. It’s usually just sandwiches, hot dogs etc. I ate that horrible hot dog and missed the onigiri I could grab from a konbini in Japan so much. Such first world problems, such wow.

 On a better note, we got Korean food at the event!: Bibimbap, kimchi and some noodle salad. All was great!


 Fried potatoes

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