Bowling… 12. October 2015

 A couple of apple rose pastries and a cup of coffee

 Had lunch with Marit @ Lendav Taldrik. We had aloo palak, rice, salad, seekh kebab, some garlic naan and I had a Kingfisher beer. The beer tasted kind of watery at first, but with the food it started tasting a lot better.

 Home made tofu kimchi stew with some rice


Marit and I went bowling. I think the last time I went bowling was about 7 years ago xD I had completely forgotten how to throw the ball properly and thus managed to hurt my fingers a bit and break a nail quite badly. It was super fun still and I want to go again 😀

2 thoughts on “Bowling… 12. October 2015

    • annika says:

      It seems to be all the craze right now 🙂 But it’s a very pretty way to make apple pastries indeed. I want to give it a couple of more tries to perfect them. Right now only about half of my pastries ended up looking like roses, the others resembled a mess 😛


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