Smoke… 18. October 2015

 Two pieces of toast with ham; beef and pearl barley soup with sour cream

 Coffee and cranberry kohuke (I had 2 of these)

 Green tea, red bean and milk mochi rolls with some tea


It was a very lazy Sunday: we slept in late (boyfriend hours longer than I did) and did nothing particularly useful for the entire day. I suppose you do need days like that in your life sometimes.

There were two scares in the day however. The first one was when my boyfriend arrived home at 7am from his LAN party. I wasn’t expecting him and thought someone had broken into the apartment when he came through the door. I was so thankful it wasn’t the case and was pretty glad to go back to bed to cuddle up with him.

The second scare happened in the evening when suddenly we started smelling smoke. The outside corridor was full of thick smoke and the fire brigade was called in to investigate. Thankfully there was no actual fire. Someone had built a fire in their chimney and it had somehow not worked properly, so the smoke came all inside. It was still frightening however when it was still unclear if we had to evacuate or not. Still, all good in the end 🙂

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