Ragnarök… 20. October 2015

 A slice of pumpkin pear pizza

 Coffee and caramel-peanut kohuke

 Another coffee, fried eggs and bacon

 Pumpkin soup


My health is not so good lately. I was ill for most of September: first I never got properly well from my first cold, so it relapsed into an even worse illness. I got some antibiotics from the doctor, but even then the illness wasn’t quick to subside. It was only recently that the last of the symptoms faded away… when suddenly last night I started coughing like crazy at night. It was really awful, like Ragnarök was happening in my chest. So yeah, now I have a cough and feel really weak. However, this time Theraflu seems to be working properly and I believe I can get better from this ailment fast.
I wish however I wasn’t such a weakling and would not take all of this as an excuse to not do things I am supposed to.

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