Worst day ever… 23. October 2015

 A slice of Domino cookie cheesecake and coffee

 Omelette with champignon mushrooms

 Sushi for dinner


I’ve been unfortunate to have been ill three times since September this year. Yesterday was the worst. I don’t remember when was the last time I felt this terrible. Sure I have been badly ill, but that really took the cake: I had an awfully runny nose, my chest hurt from all the coughing, my body temperature dropped to 35.4 and I had a splitting headache with cold sweat and shaky hands. Plus I think it was the meds, that I am taking, that made me feel all nauseous for a while. I truly hope that this was the peak of the illness and I’ll be getting better from now on. I’m trying to sleep a lot and drink a lot of liquids mostly.

What made me the most miserable however was that I was supposed to go watch my boyfriend compete in an enduro race this weekend. Welp, that was cancelled for me alright.

Keep warm everyone, I hope you won’t catch a cold this autumn like I did.

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