Salt Sugar Fat… 26. October 2015

 Last of the kimchi stew over rice

 Warm sandwiches with tomato, smoked sausage, regular cheese and brie cheese; steamed beef pelmeni with sour cream


I’m getting better at hula hooping both ways now. It’s still a bit difficult to hoop from left to right, but at least it’s not resulting in bruises on my hips any more. Yay!

I read “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” by Michael Moss last week. It was a comprehensive view on history of the food industry that explored how and why the industry became to use so much salt, sugar and fat in their processed foods. It’s crazy what many of us eat every day and don’t even realize what the food actually consists of. It’s rather frightening to be honest and I was especially bothered by how, now that these three ingredients in processed foods have been villain-ised, the marketing of new and “healthier” food alternatives is tricking people into believing that they are eating healthier by hiding the true contents of the food behind healthy sounding and eye-catching labels as fiber! vitamis! low-calorie! all natural! organic! etc. Basically, almost all processed food still contains some sort of crap in them that is bad for you, no matter how healthy the packaging may make it sound.

Sure, it’s scary, but do I read the full ingredients list before purchasing processed food in the store? Sometimes. Most of the time, ignorance is bliss if the food still tastes good. Even if I do read the labels, do I always understand what the things in the food really are? Most of the time no. Especially with all the E-labels, I have no bloody clue what they are. I tried remembering some of the main E-numbers a few years ago, but have forgotten what they were by now. I have a crap memory when it comes to things like these. Sounds like making excuses? Yes, yes it does.

Do I plan on buying less processed food in the future? Yes, I suppose so. I’d like to try at least. However, as the book brought out as well, I am, as most of the modern world is, so hooked on the convenience of processed food that it’s difficult. Sure I could spend a few hours making my own beef pelmeni, but it’s just so much more convenient to buy a pack from the grocery store and voila- dinner done in 15 minutes!

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