Wakakozake… 30. October 2015

 Coffee and a slice of apple pie

 French fries.
I often crave for fries. I searched out frozen fries with the simplest ingredient list (only potatoes and palm oil) from the store and sometimes simply fry them up on a frying pan with some salt and oil. Works well enough for me.

 Pumpkin rice noodles, salad and fried tilapia


I watched a short-form anime called “Wakakozake” while making dinner. It was about a woman called Wakako who enjoys going out to eat in different places after work to relax. The show was simply her enjoying her food and musing over the food and the drink combination. The episodes were all 2 minutes long, so I ended watching the entire first season. It was cute and there was food imagery and talk, so I quite enjoyed it.

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