A baking clutz… 1. November 2015

 I baked a caramelized apple pie. It could have used about 5 minutes less in the oven I guess. The taste was okay, but it would have looked prettier.

 Coffee, sandwiches with lettuce, cheese and smoked sausage

 Apple pie with ice cream and coffee

 A lemon flavoured zefir

 Sushi and beer. It’s funny how you can now buy Asahi Super Dry in almost every corner store in Estonia. I wish they imported some better beers from Japan though.


I made some progress with my paper. I wrote 2 pages of semi-coherent text. Go me!

I also watched another short-form anime called “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” about a woman with an otaku husband. Can’t say I was over the moon about the entire thing, but it was adorable and funny in its own way and kept me company when I was hula hooping. I especially liked the husbands “little sister” xD I think I will watch the 3rd season as well if it should ever come out.

What else? I took a long walk which is good. Currently I am listening to a “Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin audiobook when I go for walks. So far I quite like it.

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