Whining… 2. November 2015

 A persimmon, some leftover sushi from day before and a cup of coffee

 French fries

 Chicken soup

Apple pie with ice cream, black tea


I took a walk again and worked out a bit. Didn’t manage to write anything however, so feeling overly guilty about that. Also mom called and asked if I could take care of my brother the next day, so I am guessing I won’t get any writing done again. I’m just not very good at multitasking and I need to be in my own pace to be able to write. I envy people who seem to be able to write whenever: in between other tasks, for 15 minutes on their lunch break, a few sentences while just passing the computer etc. I got all sad and frustrated about all of it, so I ate two servings of apple pie and ice cream. I guess that completely rendered null my exercise that day too…

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