Gross dreams… 10. November 2015

 Café latte, a delicious and fluffy oven omelette with rye bread, bacon and tomato @ Kohvik Boheem

 A Kinder Surprise. I got some boring water spray out of it.

 Tuna and cucumber rice salad; miso soup with eggs and bok choy.


Got my blood test results back from the doctor. Everything was in order mostly. There was some fluctuation with some thyroid parameters, but the doctor thought it was nothing to worry about as all the other thyroid related things were in the norm.

Apparently I’ve also managed to get rid of my iron-deficiency anemia which is great. I suppose it’s thanks to eating more beef?

I do however have a huge vitamin D deficiency which, to be honest, is no big surprise. Most people in Estonia have that and I suppose I’m even worse off with my indoorsy life style. I got some supplements from the drug store and I guess I need to make an effort to eat more fish.

I get the last of the results tomorrow.

After the doctor’s appointment I had breakfast at a local café, did some second-hand store rounds and overall walked about 6 km. I think I did good.

I also had a very weird dream lately.
Warning! Don’t read on if you are easily grossed out (I put it under the cut just in case).

So in my dream I felt something bothering me on my chest. When I investigated I noticed a small hair growing out of my chest, so I decided to pull it out. It kept getting longer and longer when I pulled… it felt awful and hurt a lot. Eventually I managed to yank it all out and a huge clump of hair, a messy ball of hair, popped out of my chest. It was all covered in pus and was pretty disgusting. But with pulling that out through now a small hole in my chest, other tiny hairs had started to poke out of there, so I kept pulling at them and every piece of hair ended with one of these gross hair balls.

No idea what it means, but it’s not the first time this has happened. I’ve had dreams about clumps of hair in my chest before. Maybe it’s a metaphor of me having things in me that I hate and that gross me out and which I would like to pull out and throw away if I could? I tried looking into dream meanings online, but I could only find about people dreaming of having hair in their mouth/throat.

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