Bad news… 11. November 2015

 Some Raffaellos- coconut-almond candy.

 Tuna and rice salad; The Primal Pantry brazil nut and cherry raw paleo bar. The energy bar had a bit of a mouldy flavour this time,

 Spaghetti with black pepper and butter, because it’s how I react to bad news.


I fell behind with updates again, because stuff happened and I was not in a very good place for a while.

I got the remaining results of my blood test. Apparently I my cholesterol is a bit too high. Not sure how I feel about that and what I should do. It’s probably related to the thyroid parameter fluctuation too. Now the doc said that it should be fine and I shouldn’t worry too much. Just get tested again in 6 months time. Also I should probably eat less pork and fatty foods, fried foods.

This all was still quite a blow.

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