Atomic Falafel… 14. November 2015

 A slice of zucchini-tomato quiche

 Starbucks caramel macchiato coffee drink

 An apple pastry and toast with butter and tomato

 Spicy vegetable soup with some plain yoghurt; a hummus and veggie wrap; Starbucks chocolate mocha coffee drink


The second PÖFF movie that we saw was a collaboration between Israel, Germany and New Zealand called “Atomic Falafel.” It was a comedy about rather serious matters, nuclear war to be exact, but it was well done and thus the humour worked super well. Plus, it showed how petty and ridiculous the reasons behind a war can often be. Despite the subject matter, it was a rather light-hearted movie. The cast of characters was a crazy bunch- from horny teenagers and their falafel selling moms to human radio antennas, one eyed war leaders, overly paranoid national security leaders and nuclear observers with an acute allergy to uranium. Also the soundtrack of this movie was spot on! Really catchy.

Also because of all the eating and snacking that happened in this movie, me and my boyfriend, were craving for some juicy wraps or falafel or anything like that after we got out of the movie theatre xD We already had a huge pot of spicy veggie soup waiting for us at home, but we went hunting for falafel anyway. Sadly it’s not a food that is very easy to find in Tallinn… in the end we managed to score some semi-acceptable hummus, so we just grabbed that and some wrap material. I do crave for a falafel wrap still however.

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