Deathgasm… 13. November 2015

 Wheat porridge (made with almond milk) with butter, a cup of coffee

 Shrimp spring rolls with garlic sauce, chicken noodle soup from Chopsticks. I am pretty sure I ordered a crispy rice soup, but meh, the noodle soup was warm and hearty.

 A slice of zucchini-tomato quiche and some toast with butter

 Black tea and a banana

 Shared some of these fudge candies with my boyfriend


There is an annual movie festival – PÖFF aka Black Nights Film Festival – happening again. It’s a good chance to see movies from all over the world that rarely get a showing in the mainstream movie theatres due to their controversial subject matter or indie status. We picked out 5 movies to see this year. I was surprised by the lack of Japanese movies this time around. There were only a couple and we picked one of them, because it’s not really a true PÖFF experience for me without seeing at least one Japanese movie.

Our first movie that we saw was “Deathgasm,” a horror comedy from New Zealand. The movie was about how a garage metal band, consisting of a bunch of high-school cast-outs, got their hands on an ancient music score to summon demons to take over the world. I mostly picked it out cause my boyfriend loves metal and I figured he would like this movie. It was gritty, full of crude humour and well, zombie-demon killing with axes, chainsaws and even dildos. Since most of the blood and gore looked kind of cartoony and not too realistic, I didn’t mind the violence too much in this one. Altogether it was a super funny movie 😀

Watch the trailer at your own discretion, it has some blood and gore in it:

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