Lovemilla… 15. November 2015

 Fried eggs with asparagus

 Baked salmon, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, salad



My family came for a visit. We had lunch and stuff. They gifted us a set of champagne glasses 😀 I think they weren’t too happy with my cooking skills, cause the fish was kind of weird and I overcooked the veggies :/

It really  bothers me that it’s almost impossible to get “clean” food from the shops these days. You’d think that if you avoid prefabricates and buy the basic ingredients to cook yourself, you’d avoid weird additives and preservatives, but you really don’t. The salmon I got for the lunch ended up leaking this weird white grease like stuff in the oven. Apparently it’s some sort of food preservative sprinkled on the fish (rubbed into the fish?) in the store. It’s “supposedly” harmless, but come on, first of all it looked gross and secondly, I’d rather not have crap in my food that I don’t understand and that isn’t supposed to be in there in the first place. Blah.

Later in the evening we went to see a Finnish film called “Lovemilla.” The Finns sure know how to make a good comedy! It was super fun :p I wonder when we Estonians will ever reach this level of movie making where all of our movies won’t look and feel like theatrical stage performances anymore.

Anyway, the story was about a girl named Milla and her boyfriend Aimo who were trying to move out on their own to get away from Milla’s drunkard zombie parents. The portrayal of alcoholism was brilliant in this movie. I mean don’t alcoholics kind of resemble zombies in their looks and actions? The young couple’s dream however isn’t easily established due to lack of money, meddling friends and villains and most of all due Aimo’s low self-esteem that prompts him to waste all their hard saved money on a metal exoskeleton thingy to feel more manly and powerful. It’s a colourful and silly portrayal of young peoples lives and problems that even includes a singing number at one point led by a glittering gay fairy.

There is a TV-show with the same characters too, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have any translations available and my Finnish is barely rudimentary 😦

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