Tale of tales… 17. November 2015

 Tea, pineapple flavoured wafer candy

 A persimmon, cup of coffee and nākd. cashew cookie energy bar

 Tuna nigiri and miso soup @ Tokumaru. What I found a bit odd about the sushi was that the nigiri already had wasabi in it and for some reason the rice part was slightly soaked in soy sauce… so why serve it with extra wasabi and soy sauce then? I know in Japan it’s common for nigiri sushi to have wasabi in it already, but first time I encounter the sushi pre-soaked in soy sauce. If I hadn’t been in a hurry, I would have stayed and asked about it. Perhaps next time.

 Veggie tempura don

 Spicy vegetable soup with plain yoghurt and garlic rice on the side

 Skittles Darkside. I grabbed these from the drawer to take along to the movies and to my disappointment realized that they were not in fact chocolate buttons. I had forgotten that Skittles wasn’t chocolate but synthetic fruit candy. I guess I absentmindedly noted the “darkside” on the label, though ooh new Skittles with dark chocolate, let’s try it! and grabbed the pack. I blatantly mixed up M&M’s and Skittles :/ The candy wasn’t very good and I was all itchy and uncomfortable later.


Our 4th PÖFF movie was “Tale of Tales.” The movie incorporated three fairy tales in it that ran simultaneously: 1) A queen desperate for a child, willing to go to any length to have one. 2) A king, who fell in love with a woman by just hearing her voice. 3) A young princess, forced to marry a mountain troll who guessed his father’s riddle.

Now these were dark fairy tales with magic, tragedy and death not your average Disney fluffiefied versions and I loved it. The movie was very slow paced, but since everything was building up all the time and it was simply very beautiful and atmospheric, I didn’t feel bored for a moment. However, some guy next to me was asleep and snoring about 30 minutes into the movie xD His embarrassed companion was constantly trying to wake him up and shush him xD

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