The Brand New Testament… 25. November 2015

 Rice with chili con carne

 Tuna nigiri @ Tokumaru. Their nigiri serving still confuses me. Perhaps next time I will have enough courage to ask about it.

 Shrimp ramen

 Chocolate M&M’s

 Rice with chili con carne and cheese. I forgot that I bought cheese especially for this chili… only remembered it when the chili was almost gone xD

 Some persimmon

 Coffee and fugashi. As my boyfriend commented then the texture felt like soft polystyrene foam coated with sugar xD It wasn’t bad per se, but it was odd indeed.


Our 4th PÖFF film we saw was called “The Brand New Testament.” The movie was about how god is a jackass guy living in Brussels. He was abusive to his family, wife and daughter, and his greatest joy was typing up laws on his computer to inconvenience the human race. His daughter got fed up with his father, sent out everyone’s death dates and escapes to the human world to find her own apostles and write a new testament. His father follows in pursuit, finding himself stuck now with the same laws he wrote, while his daughter connects people and hearts. It was funny and heart-warming and also somewhat frightening. The ending came as a rather unexpected but positive surprise.

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