Binge… 2. December 2015

 Maltesers teasers candy that boyfriend brought from Norway and coffee

 Rye bread with butter and ham

 Napoelon cake (mille-feuille)

 Tried out these sour lemon chewing gums. The first taste is super sour, but the taste disappears quick and then it’s tasteless and floury.

 Tofu chili with rice

 Tea, more teasers candy and some persimmon


I skipped two days of photos, because I had a relapse and I overate terribly. Just felt awful and kept eating junk food 😦 This doesn’t happen so often anymore, but sometimes still occurs. It’s unfortunate.

I usually weight myself in the beginning of the month and I had gained 900 grams. This could probably be due to stuffing my face with food for two days before too I guess. So I won’t despair much and endeavour to get rid of it again in December.

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