Otsuse Anatoomia… 3. December 2015

 Multigrain cereal with quinoa in milk

I had lunch with Marit and Maarja @ Kohvik August:

 Café latte

 Pumpkin and shrimp pasta

Banana-toffee cake and peppermint tea

Then it was my boyfriend’s company Christmas party:


 Snacks with wakame and some other seaweed

 Rye bread with smoked salmon

 Mozarella cheese and pesto bite

 Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale. I had 2 of these.

 Stuff: roast pork, blood sausages, fish that was so disgusting I didn’t eat it, bread with herbed butter, quinoa and bean casserole, fish salad, tomato and mozzarella salad, baked potatoes. Most of the food wasn’t very good…

 Miyagikyo single malt whisky, 12 years old. This was pretty good as far whiskies go. This was the most expensive drink on the menu xD


It was a pretty awesome day, first I met up with two of my friends for some coffee/lunch. Our first idea had been to check out the new café next door to my house, but the place changed their opening hours/days overnight and it was closed. After some brainstorming and meandering round old town, we ended up in Café August, which was pretty nice. It was a pleasant rainy afternoon.

In the evening it was my boyfriend’s company Christmas party. First we went to see a play by Cabaret Rhizome in Erinevate Tubade Klubi called “Otsuse Anatoomia” (The Anatomy of Choice). The entire performance was like a choose your own adventure game. The actors performed in front of a green screen and we watched it in small companies from television screens near our tables. After every short while a dilemma rose up in the play, a choice had to be made and this was up to the audience. The choice could be made via a console on the table; sometimes you just had to choose yes/no or beat a minigame with your table to get a certain option. Basically we, the audience, held the power over one boy’s life. The decisions ranged from choosing his name and type of school he attended to whether he would try drugs or not.

The second half of the play we could choose whether we would like to continue the boy’s story or go back to some choice we had made earlier and change it to see a different outcome. The funny part of it all was that we went back and seemingly we made “better” choices for the boy, but his life turned out worse… which seemed shocking to some people, because we had sent him to an elite school this time and given him confidence etc. Some women in the audience were especially outraged about it, because “all my children went to elite school and it’s not like that at all!” Rather a very interesting experience.

After the theatre performance, it was food and dance and lots of alcohol :p I had fun! The only terrible part was that I got splashed with a fair amount of pork lard when getting food, so I stank half the evening :/ Pretty gross.

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