Down with Finric… 7. December 2015

 Chocolate cookie and coffee

 Glass noodle soup with shredded nori

 Sauerkraut soup with chicken

 We ate the peanut flavoured Choco Tarou and the Fu-Bosan Tarou. The Fu-Bo was basically the same as the Fugashi we had the last time, but this one was a lot sweeter. It wasn’t bad per se, but I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed it or that I want more.
The Choco Tarou however was yummy. I liked its crunch and flavour. I wouldn’t mind having more of these.

 Neuzeller Kloster-Bräu Kirsch Bier. I really liked this cherry beer. It was nice and sweet.

 Had a sip of boyfriends Equinox ginger kombucha drink too. I liked the berry one better as the ginger enhanced the kombucha flavour too much.

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