Storm… 5. December 2015

 Coffee and some persimmon

 Steak tartare @ Veski Kõrts

 Chicken pasta and lemon-ginger tea

 Coffee and some clementines

 Tomato-sauerkraut soup


We had surprise visitors in the morning. Liia and Agu had boarded a boat the night before to go to Sweden, but the boat turned back in the middle of the night due to the raging storm at the sea. Apparently the boat had taken some damage and the captain decided that it was safer to return back to Estonia than to continue the journey. So we had unexpected guests for breakfast :p after breakfast and some shopping we took them to the airport and this time they managed to reach their travel destination just fine.

We also got our second package from Candy Japan:

 Another snack like the fugashi we had last time called Fu-Bosan Tarou; Kabayaki-san Tarou; Dondonyaki; Peanut Choco Tarou; Morkoshiwa Tarou potato corn snacks; Kyabetsu Tarou cabbage snacks.
Apparently these type of snacks are called dagashi as people on Instagram kindly explained to me.

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