A very non-traditional Estonian Christmas… 24. December 2015

 Coffee and a BBQ chicken sandwich to go

 Coffee and a couple of macarons

 Marzipan pastries and apple-caramel pastries we got from the store and baked at home. I wasn’t too keen on them to be honest, but at least they smelled nice.

 Our non-traditional Christmas dinner consisted of garlic fried rice, spring rolls with shrimp, beer for me and apple juice for my boyfriend

 It was my first time making spring rolls. They turned out great 🙂


We stayed home for Christmas and watched all “The Hunger Games” movies (expect the last one that is still running in cinemas). I didn’t have very high expectations for the movies, as most people had told me they sucked, but they turned out to be pretty good. I think they did the books justice. Sure, a few things could have been a bit clearer and explained better in the movies, but mostly they were done well. My boyfriend especially got so invested in the story. I found it cute 😀 I suppose it also helped that I could, having read the books, fill in some confusing things for him that really didn’t come out in the movie too well.

It was a nice night ♥


Some presents I got:

 Gingerbread dough, a mezzaluna (I already consecrated it by cutting my hand xD) and a baked apple liqueur from my parents.

 Gifts from Eva: a Japanese cook book, matcha waffles, dashi, incence and candles from her trip to Thailand, a headband to motivate me with my thesis and some katsuobushi.

 Different flavoured salts for eating boiled eggs 😀 , a Kintarou shaped pot to grow wild strawberry and a cute pin

 Eva also brought me a Coppu no Fuchiko. It’s so darn adorable 😀 She came in a mystery pack. I want more of these!


And our face-hugging Christmas tree 😀

A bit creepy, as some said, but I thought it was a great idea xD

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