Out with my ladies… 26. December 2015

 Simple beef tongue sandwiches

 Deep fried shrimp, French fries and a cheese platter @ Hell Hunt. The shrimp was overcooked and far too oily unfortunately, but the rest of the snacks were good.

 Shrimp and pesto pasta. It was so creamy and yummy.

 Fish and chips @ Brewery. The fish was pretty tasteless, like they had forgotten to add seasoning to it.


I went out drinking with Anna and Eva. We met up at Reval Café, then moved to Drink Bar. From there we moved to Hell Hunt and when Anna had to leave, Eva and I finished up at Brewery. It was nice having drinks and just chatting away 🙂

Beer count: 3,5 I think. There was one beer I couldn’t finish due to it being too bitter for me. Also I ate far too many fried foods. Bad me.

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