Weird neighbours… 27. December 2015

 Coffee and a BBQ chicken sandwich to go

 Boiled potatoes, sauerkraut, blood sausage, sült, marinated cucumber and stewed pork.

 Kirju Koer candy. Better than I remember it tasting.

 Beef stew with pearl barley

 Tea and Ritter Sport Vanilla Chai Latte chocolate. Had about half of the chocolate. Wasn’t too fond of it.


We went to the graveyard to put candles on my boyfriend’s mothers grave and later we went to visit his uncle. Boyfriends older sister and her family also came, so it was a bit of a family reunion for him.

When we were just heading out to go and do all that a strange thing happened. I was locking our apartment door when one of our neighbour ladies arrived home. While she was opening her door she wished me happy holidays and a pleasant end of the year.
Me: The same to you as well!
Her: But I’d appreciate if you stopped the snooping games.
Me: *confused* The what?
Her: The snooping games. Stop doing them.
Me: What snooping games? o_O
Her: *slams her apartment door shut*
Me: What?

So either there are some weird things happening in our apartment complex or our neighbour is insane.

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