Resolutions?… 2. January 2016

 Buckwheat porridge with dried dates

Leftover nabe from the day before and some rice on the side


I’ve been already joking around that I am, for whatever reason, automatically not a better person in 2016. Weird huh? Thus I figured I will not make any new year’s resolutions, because it would be pointless and pretty stressful. However, then I realized that the resolutions don’t have to be silly like: I’m going to be a better person in 2016 or that I will work out properly in 2016 or that I will find peace of mind in 2016 or that I will go to bed every night before midnight and will get up at 8AM every morning in 2016; because such resolutions are creating unnecessary pressure on myself and it also feels pretty awful if I happen to fail. And I don’t want to be one of these people who join a gym in Janauary and then manage to keep it up for a week or less etc.

But I made a few new year’s resolutions anyway. They kind of just crept in by themselves without me landing an actual decision between possibilities. So here they are:

  1. Finish my MA thesis and graduate in 2016.
  2. Try to eat a more balanced and healthier diet. Also try not to over eat. This is important to me, because do to some medical issues that arose in the past few years, I can’t really go on eating exactly the way I have so far. Since I am sensitive to nickel in food, I need to be moderate with foods that have a high nickel consistency and since my cholesterol levels are apparently a tad bit too high, I need to eat more foods that don’t rise my cholesterol levels. Now this is a bit complicated, because most foods that have a high nickel consistency are the type of foods that don’t rise cholesterol and some of them even help lower cholesterol levels (wholegrain oatmeal, salmon etc.) and most foods that have a lower nickel consistently are not too good for your cholesterol levels (dairy, eggs etc.). So yeah, I need to figure this out.
  3. This is not really resolution, but I would like it a lot if I managed to hate myself a little less in 2016.

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