The first food disappointment of the year… 1. January 2016

So basically the first thing I ate, no, tried eating this year, was disgusting. I hope this won’t set a trend for the entire year.

 I was so excited when I spotted this cocoa kissel (Tere Kakao Kissell) in the store, because I love cocoa kissel, but I am bad at making it… so I really hoped this would be amazing.

 A glass of cocoa kissel and a cup of coffee. Sadly the cocoa kissel was absolutely disgusting as it had a weird bitter-ish aftertaste 😦 And it wasn’t just my overly picky tastebuds, my boyfriend and my friend, who had breakfast with us, thought the same and also couldn’t drink the stuff. We sadly had to throw the entire thing away.

 Miss K shared a couple of her stroopwafles to go with the coffee instead. These were yummy.

 We had nabe for brunch: glass noodles, shimeji mushrooms, champingon mushrooms, chicken, carrots, cabbage, tofu, cauliflower, tomato and leek.

 Good semi-healthy stuff

 Crabbie’s Raspberry Alcoholic Ginger Beer. This was way too sweet for me, so I only managed to finish about half a bottle.

 Disney themed Pakkincho chocolate filled cookies. These were cute and yummy.

 Collon waffle rolls with matcha-cream filling. These were good too.

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