Chocolatey… 3. January 2016

 Coffee, half a chocolate bar, half an apple

 The chocolate bar I split between me and my boyfriend was called BabyRuth. It was good.

 Nabe with sukiyaki dip: tofu, cabbage, shimeji mushrooms, tofu, carrot

 Tres Leches Cake Gourmet Gum that Inga sent. It was ridiculously sweet xD And usually when it bothers me that chewing gums lose their taste too quickly then this time I wished the taste would fade a bit, but it almost didn’t fade at all for a long time.

 Boyfriend wanted something sweet, so I made us tea and hooked out this Mulaté peanut dark milk chocolate from our snacks stash. For whatever reason boyfriend thought that this wasn’t enough, so he also added the Rolo chewy caramel milk chocolates to the bunch. He is not helping me to lose weight :/ The peanut butter chocolate was oh so creamy and amazing tasting, but I didn’t like the Rolo chocolates at all, because to me the filling had an odd bitter aftertaste, so boyfriend got to eat these all by himself after all.

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