So many packages… 5. January 2016

 Lemon and ginger yoghurt + a cup of coffee

 Tiny beef ham and sõir sandwiches

 Mushroom-garlic pasta with fresh salad

 Double Decker chocolate bar that was pretty tasty


I picked up 3 packages at the post office. It was fun dragging them home along with my food shopping bag xD

 Another box from Candy Japan: Matcha azuki chocolates, Lotte strawberry chocolate sticks and Kracie String-String Candy.

 A Christmas gift from my friends Chrissie and Alexander from England: Monty Bojangles butterscotch & sea salt cocoa dusted truffles, Double Decker chocolate bars, Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous MAshables jelly popping candy (chocolate?), Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups chcolate candies (?), Drumsticks, dip dab lolly, Thortons Special Toffee, Chocolate coins, Liquorice, Dexter the Daredevil Dog jellies. So many goodies to try! 8D

 And I ordered a couple of things from Umami: rice cakes with quinoa, canned bean sprouts (moyashi) and Yuzu ponzu.

My kitchen drawers are literally overflowing with snacks and sweets 😮

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