Fun with a Japanese DIY candy kit… 9. January 2016

 Had a couple of packs of instant noodles, because I was feeling down. Not that the noodles helped much.

 Fruit bread and coffee.

 Leffe Ruby that was pretty yummy.

 Vormsi Tõeline Murjam, this one I didn’t really enjoy very much.


I spent most of the day filming and editing a video about how I tried making Oekaki Sherbet (or Drawing Sherbet – おえかきシャーベット). It was a Japanese DIY candy kit I got with the first ever box from Candy Japan. I really hope they will send us similar stuff in the future, because I had fun with this 😀

Drop me a line or two if you liked my video :p Drop me a line too if you didn’t like it. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Fun with a Japanese DIY candy kit… 9. January 2016

  1. isepaperandcraft says:

    I liked your video a lot!
    Notes (because I got the impression that you want feedback, if not, skip this part):
    I love the video quality, although a bit shaky.
    I found the music to be a bit too serious or a bit too intense for candy making.
    I skipped ahead a bit when you were mixing colours, because I didn’t want to watch the same process with the same speed with all 4 colours.
    I was hoping you’d come up with some especially clever designs, but the dots are very pretty too, of course.


    • annika says:

      Thanks 🙂 Feedback is always nice.

      The shakiness was due to my camera, sadly it doesn’t have a function to turn off auto-focus. The constant focus blurriness bothered me as well, but I had no idea what to do about it. I guess it could have been fixed slightly if I had a proper stand for the camera instead of holding it in my hand or sloppily propping it on top of my nabe pot.
      I didn’t really want to skip any steps while making it, so that’s why I decided to include all the colour mixing as well. Perhaps I could have sped it up a bit however.
      And as for the dots, the candy molds were designed especially for the dots, so I simply decided to go with it. I guess it was more of a follow-the-instructions DIY than a being creative myself DIY :p

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think 🙂


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