Star Trek… 15. January 2016

 Chicken sandwich

 Warm salmon salad and beer @ Kohvik Boheem

 Coffee, mushroom-garlic pasta and salad

 Chamomile tea and pistachio chocolate


First of all, the day before didn’t happen. I overate and didn’t take any photos of it. Didn’t happen. Well it did and had I taken pictures, I would share my shame, but… yeah…

On the current day I met up with Kadi and accompanied her to AIPI to order new boots for her. Sure was a trip down the memory lane :p After that we trekked to some yarn stores where I managed to find my boyfriend a fancy hat and got my coat some new buttons. Then I had a doctor’s appointment. Kadi accompanied me to there and we had lunch at a nearby café after that. Then it was shopping at a second-hand store where Kadi found me a Star Trek: Deep Space 9 t-shirt xD There is always Star Trek when I hang out with Kadi. Was a busy and a fun day really 🙂

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