A trip to Jägala Waterfall – 17. Jan 2016

 On Sunday we went out for a small road trip to Jägala Juga (Jägala Waterfall) which we had heard was all frozen up during winter. Jägala Waterfall is only 8 meters high, but it’s the highest natural waterfall we have in Estonia.

 It seemed to be a surprisingly popular place to visit on a Sunday. I would have preferred less people around, but meh what can you do :p

 We approached the waterfall from the wrong side and thus had to make our way down on a steep and slippery hillside (we didn’t notice that there were stairs on the other side). I managed to fall and hit my bum pretty hard xD And my leggings were all wet afterwards for the rest of the trip. So uncomfortable :/

 Happy boyfriend

 Frozen patterns

 Under the waterfall. The other side of the waterfall was slightly cooler and you could actually peek behind the fall where a cave had formed… but since people were kind of hoarding that place for family pictures and selfies, we didn’t really get a chance to take a closer look at it. I didn’t feel like being rude and pushing my way through people like some others did.

I took some video footage of the waterfall as well. I apologize for the “masterful and oh so popular shaky cam effect” on this video. I should really stop being lazy and start carrying a tripod with me or smth :/

 On our way back home, after we had stocked up with hot cocoa/coffee and steaming hot cheese rolls at a gas station, we stopped at a tiny local graveyard as well.

 Not sure why exactly, but we seem to visit a lot of graveyards, my boyfriend and I.

We were out and about for only a couple of hours, but I am so glad we stopped being lazy and dragged ourselves outdoors. It was lovely.

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