Doing okay… 20. January 2016

 Some pastries I brought from Pärnu: a cinnamon pastry, meat pastry and a quark (kohupiim) pastry

 A persimmon

 Two wakame onigiri and some vegetable-tofu soup with mushrooms

 Coffee and CadburyDairy Milk Marvelous Mix-Ups with Maynards: this candy pack was a mix of chocolates and gummy candy. Was pretty alright, though I like a similar mix that is sold in Estonia a bit better.

4 thoughts on “Doing okay… 20. January 2016

    • annika says:

      I think it’s a different variety than you can find in Japan. The persimmons sold here come from Spain usually, they are somewhat lighter in colour and they never have seeds in them. They also seem to ripen differently, thus the different colour… I have noticed that the Spain persimmons usually go bad before they reach that deep orange colour.
      I liked the persiommons I could buy in Japan a lot more, their taste was so much richer, but I take what I can get 🙂


      • elle says:

        No seeds either? That’s so different! Too bad that they don’t ripen the same way. I like to let my persimmons sit and ripen on the counter until they’re all gooey haha. They’re sweetest that way 😀


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