[Recipe.] Chicken gizzard sauce

I’ve always loved chicken gizzards, ever since I was a little child, but I haven’t really eaten many of them over the years. I remember my grandmother sometimes making sauces out of chicken giblets and I’ve eaten some deep fried gizzards at the rare bar that serves them as a beer snack, but you don’t usually spot them in the menu very often. One of my fondest memory of this giblet is grandmother once frying me a whole chicken gizzard, sprinkling it with salt and pepper and I could eat the entire thing myself 😀 Delicious memories!

I finally decided to try and prepare gizzards myself. My first attempt was a rich gizzard sauce of which I am now sharing the recipe with you.


  • 500g of chicken gizzards
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 5 big cloves of garlic
  • 3 table spoons of flour
  • 200g of tomato paste
  • 0,75l vegetable stock
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Some chopped dill and parsley
  • Oil for cooking

+ Buckwheat of your choice for serving. If you like then this sauce can also be served with rice, boiled, mashed or fried potatoes, steamed vegetables etc. I was simply in a buckwheat mood 😛



First of all, clean the chicken gizzards and chop them into bite sized pieces. Make sure you remove all the yellow gizzard lining inside and wash the reminder of the meat thoroughly to remove any potential dirt or stone pieces. I used frozen gizzards that had already been cleaned, so I only removed small bits of the yellowish skin that was left on them and gave them a quick wash.

Next, peel and chop the carrots, onion and garlic. I opted for thin slices of carrot, but you can chop them into chunks if you please.

Heat up your sauce pan or pot with oil and cook the carrots, onions and garlic for a few minutes. Stir occasionally. Add in the gizzard pieces and let the meat brown.

Sprinkle the flour into the pot and mix well with the ingredients. After that stir in the tomato paste and add the bay leaves. Let it come to boil while stirring the mixture.

Now add in the vegetable stock and let it stew on medium heat and under the lid for about 40 minutes. Stir occasionally.

While the sauce is stewing, boil or steam the buckwheat. I usually boil mine in a multi cooker… or prepare which ever food you’ve decided to serve the sauce with :p

When the gizzards are tender and cooked (note that there will always be some crunch to the gizzards… at least as far as I know), turn off the heat, remove the bay leaves from the sauce; add salt and pepper to taste and stir in the parsley and dill.

Serve over buckwheat with an (optional) dollop of sour cream. I opted out of that possibility, whilst my boyfriend literally smothered his portion in sour cream xD


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