Mochimochimochi… 24. January 2016

 Coffee, rice cakes with quinoa with peanut butter and chocolate spread

 Chicken gizzard sauce with a rice and buckwheat mix

 Fresh mochi! OMG… so happy! There was a Japanese New Year’s market happening at a local shopping centre where they also demonstrated mocia pounding (I put up a short video clip on my Instagram ). I’ve actually never witnessed the process before… somehow I missed a lot of cultural things when I was in Japan, but I suppose that was due to me being a part-time hikikomori xD
Anyway, afterwards you could buy a tasting platter of three different mochi and a cup of Japanese green tea for 3euros. Nothing beats the taste of fresh mochi! I’ve missed it so much ;-; none of the packaged versions don’t even come close to the deliciousness.

 Fresh spring rolls with garlic mushrooms for dinner.

 Nice and crunchy

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