Grumpy cat… 28. February 2016

 Toasted pumpkin bread with avocado

 Poutine for lunch

 And poutine for dinner + toast with avocado

 Stroopwafels and coffee


I stepped out of bed with the wrong foot first and then random crap kept happening. First of all my boyfriend told me that one of our cats had peed on his motorcycle equipment… that’s the first time our cats have peed somewhere other than their litter box ever :/ The most likely reason for it was that the unwashed equipment (my boyfriend is lazy) smelled in a way the cats liked/didn’t like and thus they decided to pee on it. Still, very very bad. I hope it never happens again.

Secondly, the cats had vomited on my freshly washed carpet and third, I had a bad telephone conversation with my parents. Queue to me upset and crying. I looked like hell (with my lips and nose swollen and broken) and feeling like hell most of the day. I mostly  lay in bed and did nothing.

The evening was nice though. I got to play in the snow. So yes, still trying to compose myself here.

A low point

I have not been doing well, which also means I have not been eating properly. There has been too much bad food and a lot of it on the worst moments. I’ve taken photos of most of what I have eaten, but going through the photos now, I don’t feel like posting them. It would be an honest thing to do I suppose, but… I don’t want to upset myself again, because it hasn’t been this bad for years. Does that make sense?

So instead, I will put here some of the prettier photos that I simply like or that show the food that I was feeling happy about.

Eating disorders suck, people. So does stress.

But I’m trying to get back on track again. Wish me luck.


 I tried making apple-cinnamon buns for the first time. Not sure why the recipe told me to put them into muffin cups to be honest, because the paper stuck to the buns and was a pain to get off. Maybe I did something wrong, I’m not very good at baking.

 Oatmeal porridge (made with rice milk) with some honey

 Beef stew with cheese

 Chocolate pencils

 Breaded fried fish. It had a shrimp and herb filling.

 Karl Fazer New York Iced Coffee & Mudcake milk chocolate. This chocolate was absolutely fantastic.

 Raspberry walnut brownies. Super delicious combination. Recipe from here.

 A peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich and a cup of coffee

 Chicken karaage with spicy sauce @ Tokumaru

 Sushi @ Tokumaru

 A giant kinder Surprise

 Got a Peanuts themed toy from the giant chocolate egg. It was a bunch of rubbing stamps (you know, you put a paper over them and colour over them to reveal a picture?) and the dog house was a container for them.

 Potato and tomato casserole

 Yellow kiwifruit, a banana and coffee

 Chicken chimicahngas with homemade guacamole, some sour cream, lettuce and tomato. So greasy, but so good!

 We had chimichangas the next evening as well, because there were so many leftovers.

 Torotto maple syrup chocolates. These were yummy.

 Toasted pumpkin bread with mashed avocado

 Karl Fazer London Toffee Rocsk & Salty Cookie milk chocolate. This was good too, but I liked the other one better.

 Miso soup with shiitake, wakame and mochi slices

 Homemade poutine with mozzarella cheese, chicken and some tomato

 Coffee and mochi (black sesame, azuki bean paste and peanut butter filled)


I’ve also been meaning to write about a dream I had a while back. In that dream the light side of the force was attempting to breed the perfect Jedi, which meant they needed a perfect mindless puppet that would do exactly what they wanted it to. They were genetically engineering the Jedi and the last batch was a promising bunch, especially this one super dark skinned man. However, in the last stage of the training, the Jedi started showing unfavourable traits in his personality that made him imperfect. Among these signs were that he decided a lecture to be too boring for him and fell asleep (he was never supposed to do anything like that!), he playfully slapped a fellow Jedi’s bum and that was showing friendship which they were not supposed to have (they were supposed to be logical, not emotional), and when they were given energy cubes for sustenance, he liked to squish his flat between his fingers before popping it into his mouth (he was supposed to follow orders and that was a sign of reckless self-thinking). So the Jedi council deemed him defective and wanted to send him to be burned, because that’s what they did with the failed experiments. The guy however thought: “Fuck this!” and escaped.

This was very troublesome, so the Jedi council called in James T. Kirk to find him and bring him back to be destroyed. Kirk hurried back to the Enterprise, ordering his crew to be ready to take off immediately… but Spock and Uhura were missing. Apparently they were currently in the middle of a meeting with a social worker, because they wanted to adopt a child together. They already had a an adoptive daughter, maybe 10 years old. The little dark skinned girl had this skin condition where blotches of her skin were white (vitiligo). She was playing in a pillow fort near her parents while they had the meeting with the social worker.

The social worker was saying that since both Spock and Uhura had passed all the requirements with flying colours, she would accept their application to adopt another child. Uhura was overjoyed, hugged Spock and then excitedly ran to the pillow fort, pulled back the blanket covering it and lay down to hug her daughter exclaiming: “You will have a baby brother!” When she had pulled off the blanked from the fort, it revealed that the girl had been playing with some sort of tiny creatures in there that looked like a cross between an English bulldog puppy and a slug. The social worker was horrified, she stood up and screamed: “Oh my god, these things are disgusting! They are horrible and you must be horrible people to have these in your quarters! No way will I let you adopt another child and I will take away your daughter!” Uhura was shocked and tried to reason with the social worker, but she was hysterical. Spock just sat there.

That was an odd dream.

Happy Deadpool Day!… 14. February 2016

 Cookies with gingerbread spice and chocolate filling + a cup of black tea

 A fried egg and some onigiri with wakame, different seeds and soy sauce

Beef tacos for dinner

 So yummy and so messy to eat xD

 Kettle Chips sea salt and crushed black pepper potato chips


I had an awesome Valentine’s Day. Well kind of :p We did nothing most of the day and then went to see the “Deadpool” movie in the evening. I loved it! I haven’t seen anything this disgusting-romantic in a long time xD I’d say it’s a perfect date movie- perfectly funny and dirty and sweet and a blast. I want to see it again. I teared up a bit right at the beginning of the movie during the intro scene, because it looked fantastic and the captions were hilarious, but at the same moment I remembered I’m about to watch a movie where someone will be terminally ill and will probably get tortured in hideous ways… it was weird, I’m weird.

I was super hyped and excited after the movie, but my biology decided it shall be that time of the month for Valentine’s, so nothing I could do to blow of the excitement steam… except eat tacos xD Tacos were good too, I guess :p

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day no matter if you celebrate it as a romantic holiday or a friendship holiday. Or if you don’t celebrate it at all, I hope you just had a good day.

 I know I did :p

PASTREEEEH… 13. February 2016

 A smoothie made of a blood orange, two pears, a banana and some rice milk. Had two glasses of it.

 Rice with an egg, wakame and wasabi-sesame spice

 Two rum pastries and a cup of coffee

 Pea soup and a couple of rice cakes


These pastries, with a rum flavoured soft cookie (?) filling (not sure what exactly that is really), are my favourites. I used to buy these from a bakery near our high school whenever I had the money to do so. Since I moved away from Pärnu to Tallinn, I hadn’t found this type of pastry anywhere anymore. A few years ago a pre-packaged version popped up in some stores that was a rum and cherry jam combination, but it tasted terrible (tasted like saturated fats and bitter). On my last visit to Pärnu, I got a chance to visit that old bakery again (they had moved to a different location), but turned out they had stopped making the rum pastries 😦 I was very disappointed and for whatever the reason the lady standing behind the counter got angry with me for that.

Some time ago, however, we discovered that on bigger Rimi store in Lasnamäe sells rum pastries and I was overjoyed xD It seems to be just that one store, because I haven’t found them in any other Rimi. Sadly the store is super far away and we rarely find ourselves in that part of the town, but whenever my boyfriend goes to ride his enduro bike, he will pop through that store if it’s on the way and get me some of these pastries 😀 Omnomnom~happy!

Pancake muffins… 12. February 2016

 Karl Fazer peppermint crisps in milk chocolate.

 Pancake muffins and coffee. The first attempt to make pancake muffins didn’t go too wall as I didn’t crease the muffin pan enough and half of the muffins got stuck to the pan.

 Cocoa pudding

 Boiled noodles with a slice of cheese

 Pea soup with sour cream

 Pancake muffins with jam and whipped cream mixed with quark. Second time I greased the pan properly and voila!~

 They were hollow inside so we got to stuff them with sweet stuff 😛

Semla… 11. February 2016

 I tried making semla for the very first time ever. Turned out great! They were with raspberry jam and whipped cream.

 Had a couple of semla with my morning coffee

 Chicken and shiitake rice casserole

 Cocoa pudding

 Another semla and a cup of coffee

 New attempt on pea soup: this time I got proper smoked beef ham and the soup was divine.

When do I learn that you ALWAYS have to read the labels?… 9. February 2016

 Oatmeal porridge with honey

 Matcha KitKat

 I made pea soup for dinner, because it’s a tradition to eat pea soup on Shrove Tuesday in Estonia. Unfortunately I was careless when picking out the smoked ham for the soup in the store. Instead of proper smoked ham I ended up buying fake smoked ham, which means that the “ham” is given a smoked like smell/flavour with a smoke essence :/ And the soup was inedible, because the taste of that unpleasant smoke essence overpowered everything 😦 Honestly, it was not pleasant at all. That’s three hours wasted on cooking that soup and not to mention the food wasted! Down the toilet the entire pot went 😦

 We had no other choice than to run to the store and get some food from the readymade food court for dinner, because it was late and I didn’t feel like cooking again that night. We got some Mulk’s porridge (Potato porridge with pearl barley) and breaded friend beef slices. The food was a tad bit too salty, but still so much better than that damned pea soup. I also had a slice of toasted rye bread with cheese.

 A matcha whipped cream and azuki paste semla from Tokumaru and a cup of peppermint tea.

Another day spent sleeping… 8. February 2016

 Toasted rye bread with butter

 A blood orange

 Some truffles

 Rice with tuna and different seeds + some wasabi-sesame spice and salad

 Spinach-egg pastry that boyfriend brought home


I was feeling awful and spent most of the day sleeping. I don’t think I’ve caught a cold as it didn’t feel anything like that… I just felt bad, like an aching pressure in my chest and head, so it was better to sleep than be awake.

Can you tell that I was not feeling good by how blurry and weird today’s food photos are?

Doing inventory… 7. February 2016

 Karelian pastry and cocoa pudding. The pastry was super salty this time :/

 Potato salad

 Instant noodles with leafy greens, garlic fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

 A semla and a cup of coffee


My friend works at a book store and she asked me if I’d be interested in helping them do an inventory of their store. I agreed and spent almost the entire Sunday counting books and scanning barcodes. It was much easier than I figured that doing an inventory would be, but I imagine it was much more of a hassle some years ago. This time we had hand-held barcode scanners and ipads to input the data right on the spot, so there were neither laptops/computers nor papers and pencils involved.
If I had to do this type of job all of the time, the novelty of it would probably wear off quickly, but to me it felt like a sort of job I’d enjoy doing :p But heck, ipads are heavy! xD My hands were aching by the end of the day.