Doing inventory… 7. February 2016

 Karelian pastry and cocoa pudding. The pastry was super salty this time :/

 Potato salad

 Instant noodles with leafy greens, garlic fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

 A semla and a cup of coffee


My friend works at a book store and she asked me if I’d be interested in helping them do an inventory of their store. I agreed and spent almost the entire Sunday counting books and scanning barcodes. It was much easier than I figured that doing an inventory would be, but I imagine it was much more of a hassle some years ago. This time we had hand-held barcode scanners and ipads to input the data right on the spot, so there were neither laptops/computers nor papers and pencils involved.
If I had to do this type of job all of the time, the novelty of it would probably wear off quickly, but to me it felt like a sort of job I’d enjoy doing :p But heck, ipads are heavy! xD My hands were aching by the end of the day.

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