PASTREEEEH… 13. February 2016

 A smoothie made of a blood orange, two pears, a banana and some rice milk. Had two glasses of it.

 Rice with an egg, wakame and wasabi-sesame spice

 Two rum pastries and a cup of coffee

 Pea soup and a couple of rice cakes


These pastries, with a rum flavoured soft cookie (?) filling (not sure what exactly that is really), are my favourites. I used to buy these from a bakery near our high school whenever I had the money to do so. Since I moved away from Pärnu to Tallinn, I hadn’t found this type of pastry anywhere anymore. A few years ago a pre-packaged version popped up in some stores that was a rum and cherry jam combination, but it tasted terrible (tasted like saturated fats and bitter). On my last visit to Pärnu, I got a chance to visit that old bakery again (they had moved to a different location), but turned out they had stopped making the rum pastries 😦 I was very disappointed and for whatever the reason the lady standing behind the counter got angry with me for that.

Some time ago, however, we discovered that on bigger Rimi store in Lasnamäe sells rum pastries and I was overjoyed xD It seems to be just that one store, because I haven’t found them in any other Rimi. Sadly the store is super far away and we rarely find ourselves in that part of the town, but whenever my boyfriend goes to ride his enduro bike, he will pop through that store if it’s on the way and get me some of these pastries 😀 Omnomnom~happy!

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