Happy Deadpool Day!… 14. February 2016

 Cookies with gingerbread spice and chocolate filling + a cup of black tea

 A fried egg and some onigiri with wakame, different seeds and soy sauce

Beef tacos for dinner

 So yummy and so messy to eat xD

 Kettle Chips sea salt and crushed black pepper potato chips


I had an awesome Valentine’s Day. Well kind of :p We did nothing most of the day and then went to see the “Deadpool” movie in the evening. I loved it! I haven’t seen anything this disgusting-romantic in a long time xD I’d say it’s a perfect date movie- perfectly funny and dirty and sweet and a blast. I want to see it again. I teared up a bit right at the beginning of the movie during the intro scene, because it looked fantastic and the captions were hilarious, but at the same moment I remembered I’m about to watch a movie where someone will be terminally ill and will probably get tortured in hideous ways… it was weird, I’m weird.

I was super hyped and excited after the movie, but my biology decided it shall be that time of the month for Valentine’s, so nothing I could do to blow of the excitement steam… except eat tacos xD Tacos were good too, I guess :p

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day no matter if you celebrate it as a romantic holiday or a friendship holiday. Or if you don’t celebrate it at all, I hope you just had a good day.

 I know I did :p

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