Grumpy cat… 28. February 2016

 Toasted pumpkin bread with avocado

 Poutine for lunch

 And poutine for dinner + toast with avocado

 Stroopwafels and coffee


I stepped out of bed with the wrong foot first and then random crap kept happening. First of all my boyfriend told me that one of our cats had peed on his motorcycle equipment… that’s the first time our cats have peed somewhere other than their litter box ever :/ The most likely reason for it was that the unwashed equipment (my boyfriend is lazy) smelled in a way the cats liked/didn’t like and thus they decided to pee on it. Still, very very bad. I hope it never happens again.

Secondly, the cats had vomited on my freshly washed carpet and third, I had a bad telephone conversation with my parents. Queue to me upset and crying. I looked like hell (with my lips and nose swollen and broken) and feeling like hell most of the day. I mostly  lay in bed and did nothing.

The evening was nice though. I got to play in the snow. So yes, still trying to compose myself here.

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