Half-empty packages… 4. March 2016

 Coffee and toasted pumpkin bread with mashed avocado and beef ham

 Warm sandwiches with tomato and cheese

 Himohimo candy

 Well that’s a disappointing quantity if I ever saw one. The idea was to taste the red string (red grape flavour) and yellow string (green grape flavour) separately at first and then combine them so they would taste like peach. I didn’t really like them neither separately nor combined, so boyfriend ate most of them.

 Rum and coke + some carrots

 Spaghetti with minced meat sauce

 Papagena filled hazelnut cookies. First of all, the pack was half-empty and secondly, the cookies were terrible. I only had one.


There was a lot of rum and venting our troubles with Miss K. It felt good.

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