Cool things I found while wasting time online #1

So this is a bit of a rip-off from so many blogs around, but I thought it’s a fun idea to have a weekly post about interesting things I stumble upon online, because why not? Maybe I’ll even manage to attract some new online friends with similar interests like that :p *wishful thinking*

Anyway, these posts will contain anything I find noteworthy in one week. It can be anything from fandom stuff to recipes and crazy news articles. I think I will be making these posts on Mondays.

  • This Deadpool animated movie musical. It’s kind of adorable, but somewhat spoilery, so if you have not seen the movie and don’t want minor spoilers, don’t watch it. The portrayal of Colossus isn’t very accurate in the parody and that annoyed me a bit, but otherwise it’s great 😀
  • These two Deadpool related artworks on Etsy that I will buy as a reward for myself when I manage to finish my graduation paper:
    * The Spideypool one I imagine as a part of my future kitchen; It’ll be perfect for it no matter if I even have a proper kitchen in the future. If I only have a stove in the bathroom corner as a kitchen, I want that picture there somewhere.
    * And this one is just really cool and I want it.
  • Ever thought of adding cocoa powder to noodles? Neither have I, but apparently it’s a thing in Hungary.
  • Rage yoga exists. I would love to give this one a try for sure xD
  • I want to make and devour these sheet pan hash browns so much. I need to make this.
  • This is not an online thing, but I also found that on my bed last week:

 Loki is a burrow animal.

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