Taste of childhood… 19. March 2016

 Porridge with raspberry jam

 Salted salmon and avocado sandwiches with a cup of hot cocoa

 This is boiled European perch roe. I remember my grandmother always boiling fish roe with some bay leaf, salt and pepper when I was a small child and I remember liking it a lot, so I decided to try to make it myself as well. I think I overcooked it a bit, but not bad at all.

 First attempt to eat it was on toast with some salt and lemon juice. Edible, but not a very good combination.

 Second attempt was to add some seasoned boiling water to it and eat it as soup. Now this was good 😀

 Liia made baked European perch with fresh salad and some cottage cheese for dinner. So damn delicious!


I like fish a lot, but I rarely eat it because I don’t like how fish smells and I can’t stand cleaning and handling raw fish. I don’t even like the smell of cooked fish very much to be honest, but I still like the taste. I really do prefer if someone else cooked it for me xD

4 thoughts on “Taste of childhood… 19. March 2016

  1. Simply Splendid Food says:

    I too remember morning porridge. We had a dollop of butter in the center and added milk to cool it down perhaps. .At first I didn’t like teh butter I grew to like it. Later on I enjoyed it very much. And yes, salted salmon was always in the house. My mother prepared it herself. Tasted better than store bought. Good days!

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