6 Years ♥… 28. March 2016

 Omelette with leftover rice from the day before and some coffee

 It was our 6 years anniversary, so we had dinner at Cantina Carramba. I had a mojito to drink.

 We shared this beef taco

 I had chili con carne with tortilla chips

 He had chicken quesadillas

 A cappuccino, chai latte and a weird pastry @ Reval Café Kumu. Not sure why, but every time I’ve had a pastry at Reval Café it tastes really dry and a few days old. So disappointing.

 Delicious pistachio ice cream


We didn’t really have any plans for our anniversary this year. We were thinking that maybe we would go to the movies and grab a bite to eat somewhere not too expensive, but then Kadi called and offered us theatre tickets for the evening, because she had fallen ill and couldn’t go herself. A bit unfortunate circumstances, but yay, I got to go to the theatre again 🙂 We ended up grabbing a quick bite at Cantina Carramba before the play. It was a bit too rushed, I would have preferred a bit more time to enjoy the food and my date, but meh. I want to go back there to try their chimichangas :p We also had time to have some coffee and dessert at a café in Kumu where the play was performed.

The play was called “Õnne sünnipäevaks, Wanda June!” (Happy Birthday, Wanda June), written by Kurt Vonnegut, and it was pretty good. It felt a bit amateurish occasionally, but maybe the troupe performing was an amateur one, I am not sure. It wasn’t a big deal, I enjoyed the play none the less. The tagline for the play was: “This is a simple-minded play about men who enjoy killing, and those who don’t.” And it was exactly that. Thanks, Kadi for the tickets!


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