Piksepini Cup Final

I went to see my boyfriend take part of another enduro race. He and his brother have been taking part of this local series of races called Piksepini (Thundermutt) and it was the last race of the season. They did alright overall, landing themselves somewhere in the middle of the ranking list, considering that they missed a couple of races, that they were riding the amateur class and were mostly doing it for fun.

The weather was nice, but the ground was all wet and muddy… and for whatever reason I forgot to bring my rubber boots, so by the end of the event, my feet were soaking wet and freezing :/ Thankfully I didn’t catch a cold, or at least no symptoms have shown up as of yet. Hope it remains that way too.

Some photos I took:

 Climbing over heaps of logs wasn’t easy.

 Mah boo and his other gf in action.


 I really like this shot.

 Things are getting muddy.

 The “moodkiller” log matrix

I also shot a video of the event, but to be honest, it’s not too exciting unless you are extremely interested in enduro, but since I made it then here it is anyway :p


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