Spider-Calvin and Deadpool-Hobbes… 1. April 2016

 Coffee and some chocolate

 A banana

 Some salt and pepper potato chips

 I made soured milk pancakes with peanut butter chips in them. They turned out so good!

 Spaghetti with spicy chicken sauce

Tea and Maiasmokk Cherry Chocolate. Only had a couple of pieces of the chocolate, because it wasn’t very good at all. I prefer their cherries in chocolate, because there is less of the chocolate and more cherries.


I had a dream where Calvin from the comic “Calvin and Hobbes,” grew up to be Spider-Man and people thought he was a bit crazy, because he kept talking to his invisible friend. Hobbes in turn had “grown up” to become kind of murderous and volatile, so he was somewhat Deadpool like… just a giant vicious tiger looking kind. So yeah, in my dream Spider-Man had a very deadly imaginary friend xD

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