Outside… 4. April 2016

 Rye bread sandwich with beef ham and avocado + a cup of coffee

Café latte @ Kohvik Boheem

 A chicken and feta wrap that was huge, but really juicy and good.

 Black tea with milk, warm rye bread with butter, tomato soup with sour cream


I went out for a walk with Maarja and then we had lunch at Kohvik Boheem. It was lovely and refreshing, thanks for the wonderful company. Sorry I’ve been like a broken record lately however about the topics I talk about.


One thought on “Outside… 4. April 2016

  1. Maarja says:

    Thank YOU for the wonderful company! And it was so great to catch up (you might feel like a broken record yourself, but for me it was all new, as it had been so long). I hope you’ll get your writing-magic back any time soon 🙂

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