Level up… 9. April 2016

 Cocoa pudding and coffee

 Lunch at my parent’s house: sparkling apple juice, mashed potatoes, stewed beef, marinated cucumber, boiled turnip and carrots

 Coffee and a sugar pretzel

 Ferrero Rocher confectionery

 Puffed and salted corn kernels

 We had dinner with my boyfriend and Liia @ La Tabla. Liia and I drank some sangria.

 We shared some quesadillas with chicken

 I had a cheesy quinoa and potato soup that was really yummy

 Liia had stir-fried vegetables with quinoa, sweet potato puree and salad; and my boyfriend had tacos with marinated grilled beef. All was good!


So I dinged 30. How very very odd. I guess I am now in my pre-middle aged phase? xD

I had a great birthday. Boyfriend got me a new fancy phone and 30 roses. The roses were delivered a bit later in the day and I was so touched that I spent quite some time all teary eyed and giddy.

We had lunch at my parent’s house, so we could also congratulate my brother with whom I share my birthday. My grandparents were also present.

Later in the evening I had a surprise when Liia arrived from Tartu to spend some days with us 😀 We decided to do more celebrating and had dinner in a Latin-American restaurant. It was all so awesome!

 A quick Hay Day break :p We are a bit addicted to that game xD

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