Animemöll… 17. April 2016

 Coffee and a chicken ham and avocado sandwich

 More coffee and a chicken ham and cucumber sandwich

 Some tortilla chips with homemade guacamole

 Beef pasta with salad


We went for a walk with my boyfriend. Since it’s time for JAFF (an anime film festival) again, there was a cosplay and anime event happening at Solaris. We walked around there for a bit and checked out the flea market. I bought an amazing print from Si3art, there is a picture of it on my Instagram. I’ve always regretted not buying anything from the artists at these events, so I’ve now made a start to remedy that.

Some of the cosplay was pretty cool, but I am not so familiar with the more recent anime, so I had no idea who most of these characters were supposed to be. A bit unfortunate.

I’ve always wanted to do coplay as well, but I have never really found a character I’ve felt I could cosplay. First of all, most of my favorite characters are male and while there is an option to genderbend or just cosplay a guy, I don’t think that would be for me. Secondly, I’m kind of a fatass and :s Yeah, usually I stop around there with that stain of thought.

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